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Páez Vilaró

During my passionate life journey, I was fortunate enough to be able to combine my talent for painting with an investigative intensity that, thanks to destiny and modern communications, was able to fuel my artistic roots, and put me in contact with the right people, many of whom are already part of the history of the (20th) century.

I consider myself a self-taught artist since I never had traditional training, nor accepted the discipline of taking lessons from the studios available to me. My personal evolution was strongly influenced by a deep-seated on-going need to grow, trying to discover my guiding light, consistent with my character traits of a strongly developed sense of right and wrong, together with a well-developed sense of humour, both visual and physical, which saved me from becoming a stiff, boring person.

Continuous travelling enhanced my experience of life, and when I was at home in Montevideo I strived tirelessly to master my craft by incessantly drawing and painting.

I had direct contact with the leaders of the new European artistic movements I was interested in, for example the Cobra avant-garde group in Holland and the Informal Art movements in Spain and Germany.  Anyone who studies my curricula vitae will see that there haven´t been great times of inactivity; rather most of my time has been spent with exhibitions in galleries and museums, as a means of disseminating my message, and which also served to strengthen me morally and spiritually.

These experiences allowed me to understand that art is a vindication of underlying themes of social evolution of the common people; where history, seen through painting with the greatest of freedoms, is viewed through the eyes of our idiosyncrasies, both real and perceived.  That´s when I felt  my creative re-birth; what started the strong creative urges which drove  me to start the adventure of putting into graphic form the images of my memories, and the revelations of their nearness.

Now I try to assemble my work on paper, like a puzzle, drawing with vibrancy, light and emotion in the strong direct brushwork.   Colour provides the choir to the opera. The rendition is active without silences. The depth of my experiences, of all that has been lived, acts as the needle to thread the quantum, a metaphoric rethinking, a speech that needs the complicity of the spectator.  The art that runs through my arm without interruption or external controls has nothing to do with complacence and even less with the taste of those who look for prettiness, or follow fashion.

My journey takes place in my native country, in my workshop light - a park bench, human nature, on beaches, in the fields - and with suns which fill my palette with courage.

I try to present paintings without limits, with a drop of 'joie de vivre’ in the rendition and unrepentant happiness to create a spiritual act of wellbeing.
Misiones de los Tapes 65
Historic Quarter
Colonia del Sacramento

Wednesday - Monday: 8 - 11.30 pm.
​​Saturdays and Sundays:
also from 12 - 3.30 pm.
Tuesdays: Closed
BOOKINGS  +598 452 29211
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