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It is a 1790s portuguese colonial property, made of stone thick walls, with its central patio covered by an old grapevine, It maintains a space proportion which makes it pleasant to live there, full of revelations or aesthetic and visual surprises that enhance its essential and primitive grace.
As Jorge Páez Vilaró said:

“I made the restoration as soon as I bought it, in 1975, respecting the original plans in order to allow its structure of 1850 to be seen, and enriching the parts of carpentry and bars with doors, furniture and decorative elements of the same period, that I brought from the old Colonial Paraguay, from Peru and from auctions in Uruguay."

"I got involved with Colonia del Sacramento restoration project and I worked for it, because I felt the spiritual need of saving the historic heritage that makes the identity of the country, and that are wildly destroyed without comments in a sort of daily tragedy of disrespect, leaving us at last without identity, in a total reference void.”

His collector appetite couldn’t neglect the continuous search for objects, documents, testimonies, that fed what he called “my own intimate landscape of affection and aesthetic enjoyments” and that also motivated him for the creation of the Tile Museum in this same street, and the American Art Museum at Maldonado city.

“My idea is that the house must be coherent with its story and style, and that can’t offend its quality, austerity and atmosphere with elements that are foreign with its genetic.
Here in this treasured place founded by Manuel Lobo in 1680, silence, harmony, tone, space, historic sounds, add to a landscape of moving expressiveness, closed by sunsets and starry nights as I haven’t seen anywhere else.
All this enrich the painter and increases the tonal sensivity of his art.”

This Portuguese “casinha”, a dream of shelter, decorated with missionary furniture, historic themes paintings, religious carvings and antique decorative elements, is today a space that has been opened to pay him a tribute.
Here you can appreciate part of his pictoric work, and can also get in touch with his life story, that sorrowfully ended in 1994.

Exclusively at this Art Gallery, created by his son, you can purchase Jorge Páez Vilaro’s paintings and drawings, as well as other artist’s paintings, as a manner of continuing with Vilaro’s attitude of permanent promotion of Latin American art.
Misiones de los Tapes 65
Historic Quarter
Colonia del Sacramento

Wednesday - Monday: 8 - 11.30 pm.
​​Saturdays and Sundays:
also from 12 - 3.30 pm.
Tuesdays: Closed
BOOKINGS  +598 452 29211
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